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High Performance

The mission of the High Performance program is to develop players to their optimal potential.  The benefits include improved sports performance and injury prevention. 

The program is designed to develop explosiveness in an athlete while performing soccer-specific actions in individual or small group training.  It is detailed to help mold players into a more elite level. 

Through the knowledge of exercise physiology and physical fitness strategies, the program applies soccer periodization principles to training. 

Youth sports today is facing a high number of injured athletes competing at a high level.  More common in females, they’re faced with the decision of playing through pain and discomfort that comes naturally from the maturation process.  Unfortunately, the female athlete is more susceptible to an ACL injury in comparison to males.  With these things in mind, the high-performance program acts in helping develop players now in their pursuit of being elite.

The emphasize in the program involves quality over quantity.  Performing soccer actions properly and efficiently as oppose to simply “going through the motions”.